buttermilk falls

This morning, having my journal/Bible time, I saw a deer come into the back of the yard.  I was so surprised to see it, and for some reason, happy.  I guess they are pests.  I mean, they eat gardens, and run in front of cars and stuff.  But seeing it reminded me of that book “Hinds’ Feet on High Places” and I remembered little Much-Afraid and how the Shepherd led her to the heights and she learned how to overcome her fears.  I remembered how I read that book and it ministered to me about 10 years ago, and I remembered reading it at Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia while on a solo camping/hiking trip.  And all of a sudden I really thought I should read that book again, since I have been struggling so much with fear.

All because of a deer.

Well, I also decided I ought to take the kids to a nature park.  I miss getting out in the woods by myself … or at all.  I had heard about a nearby park called Buttermilk Falls and decided to go check it out.  It certainly would be no Tallulah Gorge, but perhaps it would quench the waterfall itch for a bit.

Lest I keep you in suspense, here is the waterfall.

Did you catch it?  You really have to look!  It’s just a wee little trickle.  Perhaps we need rain.

I had read on the sign that Fred Rogers (of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood fame) had spent his childhood visiting the falls and he used to go behind the water…I was hoping we could get back there, but with two small kids and steep, slippery slopes, that wasn’t gonna happen.  Plus we had to go around this very large gate to even get down to the top of the falls … (was that bad?)

We stayed on top of the falls.  Little man actually didn’t care for being here very much.  He told me he was ready to eat lunch, and he was sort of scared.  I wondered if we ought to spend more time in eerily quiet woods, going around gates that are supposed to keep you out of places.  This boy needs a sense of adventure!

I discovered the difference between the 2001-me and the 2011 me.  2001-me is definitely a long way away.  2001-me used to hike and bike on a regular basis and once, inadvertently, endangered the health of my boss by taking a group of co-workers on an overly rigorous hike at Old Rag, Virginia.  Not only was my boss having trouble breathing, but when we were nearly at the top of the mountain, we had to hide under a bunch of large boulders because a thunderstorm came through.  Not the best leadership on my part…  So that’s what we’re dealing with here.  (My boss was OK.)  2011-me had this faint inkling to go down as far as we could, but knew it would never be safe with the kids.  I had one on my back and one who was already nervous.  So let’s just say, Yay for progress; I used good judgment.  And maybe one day I can get back there and just hike down by myself, and go behind the falls, young Fred Rogers-style.

We went back and had some lunch.

Did you know yellow jackets like turkey meat?

We got to see some cows on the way to and from the falls.  I do like the country.  I know I’ll always miss the waterways of my native Maryland, but rural life has its perks.

Not one car drove past while I messed around taking bovine pictures.  And the “self-portrait in the car mirror with the camera” trick that everybody does.

Overall, a good day.  New memories.  Tons of fun pictures.  And tons of squeals from delighted children souped up on Ring Pops on the way there.  So blessed.


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I am a 30-something momma of two with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss. After receiving no answers from "regular" fertility specialists, I discovered that there is a pioneering field of fertility testing and treatment called Reproductive Immunology. The American College of OB-GYN's still does not recognize this field, but I felt strongly that women needed to know there might still be answers for them. I started a website to inform and encourage others to be their own advocates.
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2 Responses to buttermilk falls

  1. Jocelyn H says:

    Hey Sara! I know this is an older post, but I just found your blog today and got to this post and wanted to tell you – in just a little while your kids will be big enough to hike around those falls with you! Right now they’re understandably a bit young, but my dad loved hiking and adventure and instilled that love in all his girls. We hiked that same waterfall as young kids and explored all around it. I think it’s also call McFeeley Falls after his grandfather. There are a couple other “Buttermilk Falls” in the area all worth checking out, one that’s a basically a cascading river that people carve their names in, and one that people jump off of in the summer. Differing levels of adventure for you and the kids at different times, and you’ll get there before you know it. They’ll be leading you down the trail : )
    I hope you get a few more good hikes in this year : )

    – Jocelyn

    • Sara B. says:

      Hey Jocelyn! I hope so! I have always loved the outdoors, so I hope the kiddos will join in the adventures at some point, too :) Thanks for stopping by … and congrats :)

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