Every momma needs a hobby.  Something to keep your brain from turning to mush after a day spent wiping mush from diapers, highchair trays, faces, clothes, floors, door handles and the cat.  Right?

Well, my camera is just that thing for me.  I so enjoy taking pictures.  I am not sure why (probably because I can’t draw), and I am certainly nothing to write home about in that department.  I have, sadly, never taken a photography class, but at least I have now read my manual.  I’m learning very slowly, and to me, at this stage of my life, that still counts as progress.

In November 2010, I got this beauty:

It’s an entry-level digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, a Nikon D5000.  My digital point-and-shoot had served us for four years and I think I got some Coke on the zoom toggle, and it hasn’t really been the same since.  (Don’t drink Coke while taking pictures, at least not unless the Coke is a good 3 meters away from the camera and you have time to lick your fingers on the walk back to the camera.)

This camera is probably one step below the Nikon D90, which, despite my high hopes, I did not win from The Pioneer Woman.  But I will always love her. ;)

I just wasn’t comfortable going into the price range of the D90, and since I’m such an amateur, I knew I wouldn’t know the difference in quality.  And I was right.  I love this camera.

It came with a kit lens – an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR.  It’s a great every day lens and works perfectly for my purposes.

I also got this lens at Christmas (my hubbie is so sweet):

This is a 35mm f/1.8 – a wide-angle/portrait lens with a fixed focal length and a wide aperture.  I am not ashamed to admit that after all my reading of Scott Kelby and, I took the advice of my pal The Pioneer Woman and got this little guy rather than a 50mm lens.  (Boy, I’m really starting to sound like I am obsessed with PW!)

Because of the wide aperture and fast speed, this lens does amazing things in low light:

It also magically creates professional-looking photographs with the way it focuses on a small area and blurs the rest.  I love that.  I barely do anything, and I get to say, “I took that picture,” and people (again, magically) get impressed.  (At least, I think they do.  Or they are just being nice.)

So just like writing, photography gives me a little pocket to crawl into and be myself.  Even if I can’t take a bathroom break without little ones tormenting the cat or pouring water on the floor for no reason, at least I still have my hobbies.  And that’s nice.


3 Responses to Photography

  1. Uncle Eddie says:

    This is beautiful Sara. Have marked it as a favorite. Really helps to calm me in this scary world. The kids look great.

  2. Brooke says:


    Thanks for sending me a message, and directing me your way. I am sorry you’ve had such a journey and I hope it ends in a blessing for your family. <3

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